Tradition is an approach to life of individuals in a distinctive geographical section.This contains dancing,nutrients,dressing and so on.The western tradition of dressing is blouse and trousers and jackets. They use this for his or her wedding ceremony. In Africa, we have got one-of-a-kind ordinary attire for our marriage ceremony akin to wrapper and pinnacle,Agbada and Danshiki, In Igbo land,we now have the lion head and purple cap.Those need to be our standard dressing for mariage .It's miles nerve-racking that we Africans will habits wedding ceremony in our natural method placing on our basic dresses,and nevertheless see our marriage ceremony as now not entire untill we pass inside the western lifestyle manner of dressing. We name this white marriage ceremony. I would like to invite if the white will ever do black marriage ceremony. Our Mumu don do.if you happen to do not do white white marriage ceremony you're not heaven certain.Or your marriage ceremony is simply not blessed. We should always be happy with our lifestyle.We undertake western dressing in our places of work, church buildings. A few church buildings won't ever take you as employee inside the church other than you might have blouse ,trouser and jackets. What's wrong with our personal.I matter while my pastor embarrassed me for no longer sporting go well with to church as a employee.What a nonsense. It's far prime time we have got a reconsider and get pleasure from our very own and prevent seeing our personal as abomination.Respectable morning. white wedding dresses

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