**Updating with methods to earn ribbons/what cosplay in finding me in!

So excited!! I’ll be at ALA all weekend lengthy! The next day I won’t be in cosplay, yet I'll be dressed in my CC cosplay on Friday (I’ll be in a marriage gown) and I’ll be in my Shuvi one in the future within the weekend lol wedding dresses for girls

Last Lifeless Lancer: Title one of the most some ways Lancer dies (lookup the episode on YouTube if you need “Final Lifeless Lancer”)

ASCHENTE : Let’s play a video game! It's some thing! I’ll try and hold a deck of playing cards on me consistently. In case you win, you get the ribbon!

The Knight within the Place: For football enthusiasts/avid gamers! Inform me how lots you adore this game!

Magical Female: Be dressed as a paranormal woman or inform me why you should be a mystical lady.

CC Is better WAIFU: Uncover me in my CC cosplay and claim your timeless love for me! Lol or brazenly resign/trash your present day waifu ~

**I’m additionally open to trades

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