Make Me Your Spouse [Finished] -
Season 1 Episode 6
It become an exquisite monday morning, i awakened on
impose at precisely 6am and did a few cleansing,
then acquired my fascinating self into the rest room
wherein i spent practically an hour bathing and
making a song the complete songs i knew. I rushed out of the
loo soapy while my smartphone rang.
“Hello, Ronke how a ways na? Have you ever taken your
bathtub?” i requested wiping my soapy face with my
“We are giant women na, why do you have to handle me
as Ronke? Or do you've gotten mosquito bites calling
me Deborah?” Deborah requested me.
“See me see wahala o, is that now not your call
once more?” i requested
“This friendship and that identify, that's extra
exceptional?” she requested.
“This, friendship ofcourse. Ehen Deb, have you ever
taken your bathtub?” i requested.
“Since na, am even on my thanks to the place of business with
great bro now sef” she responded me.
“What?” i requested right away. “Never intellect, see you
later. Reduce the decision now” i shouted.
I flung the telephone at the mattress, and swiftly wiped
my frame.
“Where are my lingerie?” i wondered myself.
“Where is my make up kits? In which is
the whole thing?” i screamed. “Now, am starting to
freak out. Rattling it, calm down, chill out
enormously, calm down” i advised myself.
Couple of minutes later i dressed and composed
myself. I couldn’t aid yet recognize myself on my
black [email protected] trouser with a yellow silk sleeve blouse,
a black bag with black heels to compliment it. I spoke of
to myself “Omo you no awful at all” as i received
myself a cab.
“Naiye’s organisation restricted, the following i come” i
whispered as i acquired into the supplier’s premises.
“Good day ma, welcome to NCL” the gateman
greeted me with a grin.
“Thank you, have a nice day ahead” i
murmured. And commenced going for walks in opposition t the
“I should circulate speedy, you might be fifteen mins overdue
to your first day. The visitors this day used to be simply too
undesirable, no longer my fault” i presumed. Simply as i used to be making an attempt petite evening dresses
to go into the place of work i suddenly met Nicholas and a
“Oh peach. Are you blind? Don’t you watch your
entrance? You just about broke my wrist” i retorted.
“My, my, heavens! Glance who we have now here”
Nicholas pulled me shut and hugged me tightly.
“It’s close to a decade due to the fact that we remaining noticed. Investigate
you, you’ve grown so gorgeous Glory” Nicholas
observed thankfully.
“Excuse me?? Nicholas who's this issue?” The
petite girl beside Nicholas requested.
“I beg your pardon? Woman, do i do know you beforehand?
If now not that am in a contented temper immediately i'd
have taught you manners. Please Nicholas, warn
your female, i got here right here to paintings and never be
insulted” i mentioned and altered my bag.
“Glory, she seriously isn't my female, she is a team of workers right here
and not anything else” Nicholas reported.
“A employees, you talked about am a workforce? Is that every one i'm to
you?” The girl requested Nicholas.
“Please excuse me” i pointed out and walked into the
construction however became stopped with the aid of the petite female who
landed a grimy slap on my face.
“What?? How dare you? Are you mad?” i requested
with one hand lightly put on my already
swollen cheek.
“Yes, it's your mom, your sisters, your
grandmothers and decayed grandmothers it truly is
mad. Appear the following, what i did is only a welcome
birthday celebration, the subsequent time you open this pit you name a
mouth and refer to my fiance i might verify
you spend thirty days in kirikiri prison” The petite
girl talked about hopefully. At this, Nicholas who observed
all that took place ran as much as me and attempted
apologising however i driven him apart, wiping the
tears from my face.
“What? Dad did you spot that? Who's that female?”
Deborah requested her dad who was once additionally within the
reception room whilst it occurred.
“That is Have confidence Ekem, pastor’s Ekem’s daughter.
She is Nicholas’s help. However why, i imply
what took place?” mr Omonaiye wondered.
“Pastor’s daughter? That woman is a demon and am
unlikely to stick the following and enable her harm my buddy
daddy.” Deborah referred to and walked in direction of me.
“Believe, have you ever misplaced your senses? What has
come over you? I actually have advised you i'd by no means
have whatever to do with you, ever. Get that into
your widespread head” Nicholas pronounced and grew to become toward
me. “Gloria, am so sorry. I don’t have whatever thing
to do with her” he happy.
“Yes, my brother may under no circumstances have the rest to
do with a possessed witch, she wants
deliverance” Deborah stated.
“What? How dare you?” Have confidence requested instantaneously.
“Quiet!!!. The 4 of you to my place of work now!” Mr
Omonaiye twisted up.
Six mins later, the CEO of NAIYE’S Business
Restricted walked inner a properly supplied place of business,
and sat within giving us a stern glance.
“Yes, what was once that you just all simply displayed
out of doors? Omit Ekem what caused your
slapping our new worker?” mr Omonaiye
“Sir, this woman is so impolite and this kind of female is
surely going to bring doom on this supplier.
Are you able to think of she ran into us and
couldn’t even apologised, she then flirted with
the chief, throwing her frame at him and
telling me i stinked” Imagine stated.
“Sir, that’s a lie. No longer the entirety she noted is true”
i noted.
“Dad, omit Trust this is the impolite one. I imply,
what she did used to be uncalled for and it proves
she’s is incompetent for this job” Nicholas
“Miss Ekem Feel, do you observed you're
incompetent on your put up as an assistant
supervisor?” mr Omonaiye requested with an eyebrow
“Am sorry, sir. I misplaced my calm. I promise it
could under no circumstances come about back sir” Trust
“Okay then, the following time this occurs once more
someone’s appointment letter could be
terminate. Omit Ekem, inform the others there might
be a board assembly via 11am” Mr Omonaiye
spoke of.
“Dad, haven’t you forgotten whatever? We're
new here” Deborah spoke of.
“Old age, am so sorry expensive. Permit me name my
secretary to indicate you for your workplace.” Mr
Omonaiye spoke of.
“There’s no use for that dad. I might teach it to
them Ladies, this way” Nicholas spoke of.
Nicholas attempted to make up for what occurred yet
i steer clear off him up to i'll since on
two ocassion, Consider has threatened me inside the
rest room.

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