Here's a piece via Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, president of Mount Zion Drama Ministry and Mount Zion Tv that you need to study in a time like this!

WE SPOKE, THEY Suggested: NO!...

We're Talking, They say: NO!

We mentioned the Lord need us to stay in Holiness and Godliness;

They argued it and say NO!
They argued and taken up "GENDER EQUALITY Within the CHURCH" and Stated NO!

We talked about the Lord wishes Better halves to Undergo their Husbands:
They argued it that it can be Historic Testomony Abrahamic Training to the Jews. They Reported NO;

We pronounced the Lord Commanded all His Teens to Pay Tithes;
They Suggested NO, Our Salvation is Secured Whatever what we do and the way we are living our lives!

We talked about it is easy to lose his Salvation if One Maintains to reside in Sins with out Repenting and Abandoning them,
And commenced to stroll round in Skimpy clothes and tattered and loopy attires, even sitting within the Lord's condominium with micro-skirts and open-blouses that Insults the Eyes and repulse the hearts!

We stated the Lord wishes us to decorate inside the method God can be glorified, They referred to NO to Average Attires and Models, They noted NO to Herbal Cosmetic!
We observed the Bible says We must always are looking for The dominion of God first and Its Righteousness

They stated NO to good Attire! They spoke of NO to Godly Contentment that is an amazing Benefit and scramble for fast and Swift Lifestyles! And All others will likely be introduced to us; They Mentioned NOOOOO!
They Invited Motivational Audio system in preference to Revelational Instructors!

However Particularly Are searhing for All Others First and the dominion of God can be additional! They Added into the Church, Jesters and Comedians! They Chattered Secular Musical styles into the midst of the Choirs!
Polygamy is creeping subtly at the Altar of God.

They Added worldly Birthday party Songs and Refrain into Wedding ceremony Receptions. They Imported their Dancing-Steps and Tune Lyrics! They're uploading Diabolical Powers at the Altars in preference to PENTECOSTAL Drive!
Throughout ME....A few ARE Conscious TOO...

Fornication and Adultery not grieve the Hearts of a few Preachers. Divorces! Separations! Polygamy! Sodomy! THE Silly VIRGINS HAVE SLEPT....However the Intelligent VIRGINS ARE Starting to DROP THEIR HEADS IN PLAYFUL Shut eye TOO. NO....NO....I can't SLEEP!
I do know WHAT TO DO...! I am going to Save MY VOICE Unsleeping...In order that MY EYES Would be Unsleeping!

Throughout ME...MAJORITY ARE Starting to Bring DROOPING AND NODDING HEADS! EYES Either Immense AND SMALL ARE Remaining IN SLEEPS Of religious Dying...! No! I do not desire to Sleep, however many are snoozing throughout me! To maintain MYSELF Wide awake....WHAT Need to I DO NOW....? Dozing and Dozing Is Fitting Horny! old fashion wedding dresses
-Mike Bamiloye

JEEEESUSSSS! I have to Stay up OR Shut eye Until I Pay attention THE ROARING TRUMPET! They referred to NO to SLEEP or Shut eye! I would like to Be Wakeful....I need to be Wide awake! THE DEAFENING Noisily snoring IS Nerve-racking... Of giant Males Who're Quickly ASLEEP... JESUS, PLEASE! Lend a hand ME!

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