A few might imagine that those images are for (Muhjjabat) ..
After all, those photos are for (indecent ladies) snigger on the (Hijaab) ..
The veil in (Islam) doesn't imply a brand new approach for (type coach)!!
However the veil is: A way which facilitates Muslim girls to give protection to her dignity, in order to not deliver for non-mahram a chance to savour her beauties, even through gazing them!
In those pics we see those interesting facets of the frame of those adult females .. however devoid of utterly nudity!
What's the good thing about protecting the top hair, if the eyebrows are plucked and the eyelashes are changed by means of synthetic eyelashes? What's the good thing about carrying lengthy attire; if those slender attire describe the accuracy and sweetness of the legs? What's the good thing about sporting free blouse; in case your status and taking walks patterns intentionally exhibit all small print of your chest? long evening dresses
The wearer of this type of veil so that they can teach the her beauties; greater sinful and worse than those that don't put on the hijab in any respect!
Could Allah courses us to know His faith.

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