1) A man requested u for intercourse and u requested, "Do u
Love me?". What do u count on him to claim or
2) Half of bare women are warm, at the same time good
dressed females are alluring...Hell is warm, at the same time
heaven is lovely...the alternative is yours.
three) You've been engaged to him for two
years and no wedding ceremony is forth coming.
Please kindly cast off the hoop. Is your finger
a key holder?
four)You will have slept with over 10 ladies with no
safe practices but you visit the barbers keep
along with your very own clipper. What are you
five) Men all the time realize who their middle
belongs to, so once you like cook dinner white meat in
diamond sauce or do monkey taste in mattress, if
its now not you, It should't be you.
6) In U.s. wen a pair visit mattress dey
say "Desirable nights my love" In Britain "Candy
desires darling" In Nigeria "Did u lock d
Gate, doorways & home windows?
7) You can not say "I cannot date you, I've got a
boyfriend" and be soliciting for fee from
him. GT-financial institution crew are not able to get hold of revenue high low wedding of the lace
from UBA financial institution!
eight) My call Anita, I used my loved one to establish
my boyfriend to c if he's going to cheat on me. Now
they have got despatched me marriage ceremony Invitation. What
AM I? (A) Learner (B) God despatched (C) Idiot
nine) No Man will ever inform a woman "i even have a
Female friend whilst asking her out. Their
Nationwide Anthem is "we had disorders & we've got
damaged up".
10) Welcome to Nigeria in which the
authorities is in charge and blamed for
each and every rattling issues. if mosquito chunk you, you
will blame the govt.
eleven) No man is unmarried, you both grasp him
from a person or proportion him with anyone,
an important element is to be the
perfect Shareholder.
12) 35yr ancient top notch graduate with no task
and u dey persist with Lil'Wayne sing 'I Ain't Acquired
no issues' ... your lifestyles is on SOS.
thirteen) Fool lady spoke of: "I dated him for Perfect 10
years and he broke my middle" idiot, what is
Respectable within the years?
14). Intercourse shouldn't make him love u. A child
will not make him reside. If you are doubting me,
kindly ask TUFACE...
15) Whatever how best you're to a goat, it
will nevertheless devour your yam.
sixteen) You're making his 'Dick' tough, u hold him
input room, he don off blouse, then u shout
April Idiot... My sister, he'll RAPE ur
17) What shall it earnings a woman to have the whole
Brazilian hair inside the complete global and nevertheless
lose her boyfriend to a woman on low reduce
18) Kill an American citizen and 1
million policemen will probably be deployed to go looking
for u however kill 1 million Nigerians U might be
invited for amnesty
19) Do not act such as you have all of it, even wealthy
males beg for pen inside the financial institution.
20) Whatever how vast ur home is, How
fresh your motor vehicle is,or how great ur financial institution
account is, Our grave continues to be gonna be the
identical length, continue to be humble.
21) Regardless of How Fantastically Or Adorable your Face
Possibly, you can Nonetheless Be the Cuisine For
Worms....Set your Conceitedness Apart and
Count 6 Ft. Not anyone lives for Ever.
22) I awoke right now, any person someplace
simply took their ultimate breath am approximately sound asleep
any one someplace is crying.. Normally
thank the lord whatever the placement .....pls
ship to mates.
Pls say after me with religion,
I shall no longer beg to devour.
I shall no longer be ashamed.
I shall no longer be cursed.
I shall no longer cry over relatives.
I shall now not be mocked.
I shall now not be a sufferer of employed killers.
I shall now not be a sufferer of injuries.
I shall now not be sorrowful.
Yet, I can be substantive.
I will be fruitful
I can be successful.
I will probably be celebrated.
I will probably be valuable.
I will likely be favoured.
I can be blessed in abundance.
I will likely be affluent.
I shall have pleasure unspeakable.
I shall have peace past limits.I shall make
I shall testify.
I will be lifted excessive past falling.
I shall excel in all that i do.
I can be which is called Miraculous.
Wherein the street is thirsty of flesh and blood,
my family members n i with my liked ones should not
cross there.
The evils with a purpose to appear is not going to recognise my
residing location. Dying messengers should not
realize my cope with. The miracles within the 12 months
shall stumble on my domestic.
My middle dreams just isn't reduce-quick. I'm able to
now not cry with the aid of you.
I pray for you, within the final months of
this yr,Your Image Are not USED

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