Hi there!!!, Listen this countries of the earth,folks of God everywhere,after praying this afternoon,as if it have been in a traunce,my eye have been opened,and behold a big multitude of other tribe moveing,many buying and selling, bus drivers moveing,by surprise a voice cried out from the mist ahh!!,my toddler,laborers begun amassing to understand the issue,as she became narrating the unexpected disappearance of her boy or girl a different shouted hello!! custormer,within the mist of 2 one disappear,i seeing those issue cried out hello that's rapture,twist of fate each and every wherein,voicies crying out,ahh!!! so it's miles desirable this can be the top of the sector,and that i ask the person status with,whom to my most useful shock wearing White robe with golden hems that is after i knew is out of hand,i ask so it has come to move,he cried out alloud to me pronouncing you will have observed it,it is going to be like a spot the place an historical guy misplaced his solely newborn,and there will be confusion all around the earth,i cried to him pronouncing sir please pass please with me he turnd to me and noted,asurdly i say this to you in case you will hinder yourself from sinning and be simply,surly you'll elect me,he acknowledged appear!!,lo and behold the earth as in which ants have been scarttered,i observed wealthy and bad working in concern,even thiefs refuse cash,a person that desired to by means of auto by means of the edge cried out hello it's miles end this autos at the moment are lifeless,even the police males throwgh away there palms we're accomplished,ahh,it now cutt i used to be astonished and dumb for a few ninutes,my fellow laborers inquire from me what's the concern i couldn't say a observe,please i say to all my get ready thee your method for it will be over quickly,rev3:four;eight:18

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